South Africa remembers Mandela on the 25th anniversary of his incarceration

16th Feb 2015 On the twenty-fifth anniversary of Mandela’s release from prison, South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma has stated that Nelson Mandela remains unforgettable to the people, and will continue to be a deep source of inspiration to all South Africans.  Wednesday the eleventh of February this year marked the 25th anniversary of the day which saw him cut off from the rest of the world for twenty seven years. In his speech, President Zuma said that Mandela’s eventual release from imprisonment was a milestone for the resistance movement in the African continent, and the world at large.

In President Zuma’s speech, he said “We continue to be inspired by this teaching of forgiveness and national reconciliation as the cornerstones of the society envisaged by our forebears. This day marked a giant leap in the long walk to freedom, not just for Nelson Mandela but also for the people of South Africa as a whole.”

He is also quoted as saying “11 February marked a decisive advance towards the achievement of our noble goals to create a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society based on fundamental human rights and the restoration of dignity for all. It is a reminder to all of us of our innate capacity as South Africans to overcome even the most daunting challenges and ensure the triumph of good over evil.”

To celebrate the late political legend from South Africa, President Zuma encouraged all South Africans to live in harmony, and give one another opportunities and the room to thrive.

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