South African artist Petite Noir hopes to spread 'positivity' with music

Mar 15, 2016 South African singer and songwriter Petite Noir recently said that he hopes to spread positivity with his music as he goes on tour in Europe.

Petite Noir, whose real name is Yannick Ilunga, is schedule to play in London, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Germany and France.

Speaking concerning his music, he said:

“I think my intention is positivity you know, through music and using music as a weapon or a tool…As a tool to help people spread positivity around and help people be the best they can be,”

The half Congolese, half Angolan went on to describe his music as “Noirwave”.

“Noirwave is a term that we came up with,” he said, “I guess the definition we had for it before was a new wave of African aesthetic. First it used to be a new wave because it was a new wave of music, but now it is like ‘a new wave’, which means it is a whole movement, you know, it is a whole wave, an African aesthetic, you know, we are African, made in Africa,”

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