Taiwan's ruling Nationalists pick pro-China Hung as presidential candidate

July 28, 2015 Pro-China Hung Hsiu-chu has been nominated by Taiwan’s ruling Nationalists as presidential candidate for the country’s elections in January 2016. This brings to an end months of division in the party following heavy losses at local elections.

Over 1,000 members of the party, also known as Kuomintang or KMT, cheered and clapped at a party congress to show support for her. The 67 year old had some things to say.

“Only if the KMT does well, can the country be stable and progress. Only if the KMT does well, can Taiwan be prosperous and develop. Only if the KMT does well can Taiwan’s future be better,”

“If Hsiu-chu wins the presidential election, I surely will closely stick to the constitution, follow party’s protocols. (I will) adhere to the priority of Taiwan and the essence of people’s will on the basis of the 1992 consensus, (ensure people’s) equality and dignity, consolidate, deepen and promote the peaceful development across the strait to make sure all people enjoy the benefits from the peace between the two straits,” she said.

Hung’s unopposed nomination indicated the pro-China KMT had united after its local election defeat last November, said analysts.

She had advocated unification with China but was recently stopped by senior party members, as the majority of Taiwanese prefer the status quo. She is expected to maintain KMT’s China policy which favors trade with the mainland.

The race between Hung and Tsai remains tough.

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