The African Cup of Nations Qualifiers Faces Serious Shaky circumstances Over the Ebola Virus

13th Aug 2014 In not too happy football news, the African Cup of Nations Qualifiers are facing some seriously shaky circumstances due to worries over the Ebola Virus. Togo has requested that its game due to be played in Guinea on the 5th or 6th  of September, be moved. The Togo Football Federation is waiting for its government to give the final word but fully expect that the squad would not be allowed to go to Guinea.

Sierra Leone had already announced that it would not host any matches due to the Ebola threat and has requested to play its home matches in Ghana.

The ripple effect of the virus is becoming more and more evident, as we noticed when the Seychelles prevented Sierra Leone from entering its country last month because of fears that they could bring in the virus. The unfortunate result was that the Seychelles Football Federation was forced to forfeit the game and its place in qualifying.

It’s a rather dicey situation isn’t it guys; we hope all countries involved can make proper plans to keep their players and citizens safe.

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