The EL Showcase Hour

EbonyLife TV is Africa’s First Global Black Entertainment Channel.

We are a Platform that Gives ALL Africans an Opportunity to Give Expression to their Gifts and Talent.

We are using this opportunity to reach out to film makers, producers, directors, artists and all other creators of content.

We have Created Special EL Showcase Hours just for you to present your work to a Pan African and global audience.

All you need to do is send us a screener of your completed work for our consideration to:

The EL Showcase Hour

EbonyLife TV

Media and Entertainment City Africa

Studio Tinapa




The EL Showcase Hour

EbonyLife TV

VLA House

Plot 1646 Oko Awo Street

Victoria Island



Please remember, only send a screener for your completed work.

If you require further clarification, please send an email to


Thank you.

0 thoughts on “The EL Showcase Hour

  1. EL TV is The best watch for me now, I always want to see what’s next. I enjoy programmes like Little Miss Jocelyn , EL Now, The Newlywed Game show, My Wife and Kids and many more. No dull moments on EL TV.

  2. Very innovative, interesting. As an upcoming filmmaker am sure to send my work, hopefully it gets accepted. very encouraging. cheers to EL showcase! EbonyLife TV rocks!

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