The Lead Inspire Transform Organization On School Renovation Project.

2nd Sep 2014 We love volunteers and we love good causes and we love people who go out of their way to do stuff for others; and so, you can trust that we got really excited when we heard about the Lead Inspire Transform organization, a not for profit that in their own words, works to raise change agents within communities and inspire leaders to influence and build better societies.

Let’s break it down, the organization raises funds and gets volunteers to carry out several community rehabilitation projects in Calabar. In the last few years, the organization has rehabilitated schools and a motherless babies homes and has carried out a tree planting project.

However, their most recent project is likely to be their most ambitious ever. The team gathered over 100 volunteers to turn around the Government Primary School in Obufa Esuk Calabar. The school has been around since 1957 and well, time had done a number on it and it was in a rather sorry state. Now guys, note that I said turn around – they didn’t just paint – they did roof work, wood work, paintwork – a whole lot of work.

We’ll give you more of a look at the community project later, but first, take a look at this documentary sharing why this project is such a big deal!

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