Thousands march against corruption in Johannesburg

Oct 20, 2015 Thousands of demonstrators, led by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, recently hit the streets of Johannesburg in protest against corruption.

According to Irvin Jim, the general secretary of the union, the march was aimed at engendering change.

“We are pursuing class struggle because class struggle is the only guarantee for change, is the only guarantee that can make sure that we defend gains and improve our condition and the only class that is able to do that is the working class and the poor.”

Also in the company of the demonstrators was David Lewis, the executive director of Corruption Watch. He said:

“It’s directed at corruption generally, it’s directed at the government, it’s directed at the private sector and it’s directed at people. All of us who have been complicit in corruption, it’s directed at everybody.”

According to local media, South Africa has lost an estimated 500 billion Rands in the past 20 years to corrupt deals in government and in the private sector, hence the need for change.

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