Tunisia to focus on youth employment after bomb attack

Nov 30, 2015 Tunisian authorities recently announced new measures to improve security in the country following a suicide bomb incidence that left at least 12 dead.

According to the office of the president, Tunisia will close its border with Libya for 15 days, hire 6,000 more recruits for security forces and protect itself against Tunisians returning from conflict zone.

The government also declared a one month state of emergency, giving the executive and armed forces more flexibility and authority.

Speaking at a news conference in Tunis, parliament speaker Mohamed Ennaceur said:

“Today, we made several proposals in the name of national security, taking into consideration that in this fight against terrorism, there is a social community aspect that must stand out – stand out through a programme dedicated to employing youths, especially in deprived areas. There also will be a programme to take further care of these deprived areas,”

Tunisia has enjoyed relative stability since its 2011 uprising compared with neighboring Libya and Egypt. However, Islamist militants have posed a serious challenge for the country.

Ennaceur has moved to improve the living conditions in deprived areas, so they do not become recruitment grounds for militants.

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