Tunisia upgrades security following the beachfront attack.

July 8, 2015 Still on happenings in Tunisia, the country’s Military and police have upgraded security measures in Sousse. Hundreds of military and police were deployed to the town, and checkpoints have been mounted at every corner as part of a nationwide plan launched to protect and secure tourist areas.

The measures have brought relief to tourists.

Laura McDonald said  “Since the attack the security had been heightened and you do feel very safe around. There are not too many people, but you can definitely see visibility now that something has happened. So, it feels comfortable,”

“It’s a natural reaction after something has happened, but it’s not been too much of a reaction,” said John Ibraham.

However, some residents such as Abdullah Benaziz are concerned that the measures are too strict and might scare visitors.

Men with guns on the beach, no, I don’t feel it’s the right way. I feel they must use their imagination and try to make it more secret,”

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