U.N. security council endorses Libyan peace agreement

Dec 29, 2015 The U.N. Security Council recently endorsed a U.N-brokered agreement between Libya’s warring factions..

Drafted by Britain, the resolution was unanimously adopted by the council. The resolution also stated in very clear terms that Libya’s future unity government would be the sole representative for the North African country to the international community.

While addressing the council, Ibrahim Dabbashi, a Libyan diplomat said:

“Most Libyans, and most likely all Libyans, understand that this agreement has resulted following 14 months of very difficult negotiations and that this is the only hope for the restoration of the authority of state and to ensure that Libya doesn’t disappear as a unified sovereign state. This agreement is the only hope for emerging from chaos and putting an end to bloodshed,”

The UN Council welcomed the formation of the Presidency Council in Libya and urged the newly formed council to institute a unity government within 30 days.

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