U.S. and Philippine troops hold joint drills

Oct 13, 2015 U.S. and Philippines marine troops recently held joint amphibious assault exercises with the hope of enhancing interoperability.  The drills, which took place at the Zambales province, north of Manila, involved landings with amphibious assault vehicles and firing exercises.

According to Colonel Nathaniel Casem, director of the bilateral training, the exercise allowed troops from the United States and the Philippines to familiarize themselves with each other’s tactics, communication equipment, and assault platforms.

“Our personnel were able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the execution of amphibious assault.”

The Philippine marine commandant also added that the Philippine navy required amphibious units to address national security threats.

The U.S. and the Philippines recently signed a 10-year Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement which allows U.S. forces to position ships, aircraft, equipment and troops for maritime security in Philippine as well as wider access to Philippine bases.

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