Ugandan dentist receives international recognition for his use of technology

5th Feb 2015 A dentist’s contributions to his field, has prompted the international society of computerized dentistry to recognize him for his use of modern technology in the field of dental healthcare. Dr Tom Mutyabule is now the first dentist in, and from East Africa who will be inducted and certified by the prestigious society, which consists of about 2000 dentists in thirty countries across the world who work with new technologies in their practice.

The dental surgeon from Uganda is all the rave in medical circles for his use of the Cerec technology in dental healthcare. The technology helps dentists to build, produce, and insert individual restorations of problem teeth through the use of computers. The new technology restores broken and lost teeth, and produces artificial crowns that work like the real, natural teeth. The procedure has been tested successfully on people and unlike the old school method, can be done in a single appointment.

Dr. Mutyabule received the certification at a ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa. He will pass on his master expertise by training other dentists on the technology, so that dental services can be easily enjoyed in his homeland Uganda. Dr Mutyabule also hopes that more use of the technology will reduce the time for the replacement of broken and lost teeth.

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