Ugandan musician Bebe cool is advocating for victims of leaked personal photos

May 28, 2015 The rising cases of leaked personal or nude photos of mostly women in his country, including more recently that of a popular TV host has prompted  Ugandan musician Bebe cool, to take to social media to rant, while calling men who partake in this criminal act unprintable names.

In a long post shared on his social media platforms, Bebe Cool said leaking nudes is done only by cheap guys who could have failed to match the standards of their victims.

He says “How in your right mind do you tell a woman today you love her, you plead for some, she falls in love with you and surrenders herself whole heartedly.  Just because you can’t keep up with the game, sometimes the status of a woman goes higher than yours so you lose your self esteem then turn to exposing her privacy to the public. MEDICINE, ladies please always expose the face of the man who exposes your nudes so that the other women can know what they are capable of, then their fellow men can chant them of weakness cheapness, and localism”.

The man did not stop there, but for reasons of time, and especially language it’s perhaps best to stop here.

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