Uhuru Kenyatta done with the international criminal court

19th March 2015 And the matter between Kenya’s president, Kenyatta Uhuru and the International Criminal Court will officially be dropped, unless Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda can come up with concrete evidence against Kenyatta. The Judges of the court assigned to the case have officially terminated the charges of crimes against humanity which President Kenyatta was accused of.

A ruling by the three judge bench headed by Japanese Judge Kuniko Ozaki stated that “The Chamber notes that summons to appear should now be formally discharged and the conditions therein will cease to have effect, The Chamber considers that the termination of these proceedings is not without prejudice to the continuation of the mandate of Legal Representative of Victims for such a limited period as may be necessary,”

The president had pleaded not guilty to the crimes at the court and had repeatedly asserted his innocence in interviews and other public communications

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