Uhuru Kenyatta wants Africa integrated more quickly

May 21 , 2015 President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya believes Africa’s development will be set further in motion if the continent is integrated, and has urged the African Union to make this happen more quickly. He made these feelings known in Midrand, South Africa, where he opened the 6th Ordinary Session of the Third Parliament of the Pan African Parliament, PAP.

President Kenyatta said Africans needed to cooperate more in areas like trade, investment and the free movement of people across borders, calling for the artificial borders created by the colonial masters to be disregarded and writing a new narrative to change that idea and wrong portrayal of the continent as hopeless.

The President  said Africa stands on the most promising times for its renaissance and rebirth since the founding fathers won the independence of their countries. He added that all Africans must begin to search inwards for solutions to the various challenges rather than continued dependency on other world economies.

Kenyatta is quoted as saying “The future of our continent cannot be left to the good graces of outside interests.  Dependency on giving that only appears to be charitable must end.  Foreign aid, which so often carries terms and conditions that preclude progress is not an acceptable basis for prosperity and freedom. It is time to give it up”

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