Ukrainians organize mass water fight to tackle heat wave.

July 8, 2015 Some parts of Europe are dealing with a heat wave, and here are some things the people did to let off steam, pun intended.

In Ukrainian, young people in the country’s capital, Kiev took part in a mass water fight at the Hydropark Island on the Dnieper River, bearing buckets, water bottles and toy water pistols.

The mass water fight was organized by a Ukrainian youth organization called ‘Arcturus and friends’ in collaboration with some other volunteer groups, with a plan to get young people away from their computers and into the sunshine.

Participants splashed each other, played games and dragged unsuspecting friends from the sand and into the river. Some people spoke to Reuters about the event.

Valeria said “You can let off steam on someone and no one feels offended. It is very cool. Everyone here loves each other very much,”

Another participant said the big water fight had encouraged positive emotions, while her friend added it had become a tradition for some.

“It is my third year here, so this is already a tradition,”

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