UN chief says to support Nigeria counter terrorism/Ban Ki Moon lays wreath at UN headquarters in Nigeria

Aug 27, 2015 The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon recently paid Nigeria a two-day visit to commemorate the 4th anniversary of a deadly attack on the UN building by Boko Haram insurgents.

During the visit, Ban Ki-Moon laid a wreath at the site of a 2011 car bomb attack on the United Nations building in Abuja.

Speaking at the wreath laying ceremony, the 71 year old said:

“We will remember them forever as truly the best of humanity. We join the families in prayers for the eternal rest of the souls of the departed and for love and healthy lives of the individual survivors…you are working for humanity and working together, let us honor our fallen colleagues the best way possible and working together we will build a better future for the people of Nigeria and people of the world. That is our mission and let us re-commit ourselves while celebrating the 70th anniversary of the United Nations to make this world better for all, where nobody will be left behind,”

The UN building, which is under restoration, prior to the attack housed 26 United Nations humanitarian and developmental agencies with over 400 staff members.

During a joint press briefing with President Buhari, the United Nations boss expressed concerns over the level of violence unleashed by Islamist sect and pledged to support Nigeria’s counter terrorism operation.

“This week, ladies and gentlemen will witness the 500th day of the kidnapping of the Chibok school girls. I want to reiterate my support for the Chibok girls and so many other innocent abducted girls and boys whose names and fate remain unknown. It is intolerable that their lives and schooling has been disrupted this way, the whole world has been moved by their fate. I once again call in the strongest possible terms on those responsible to unconditionally release these girls and many other abducted children,” said Ban.

President Buhari speaking at the press briefing said:

“We have discussed with him the difficult time Nigeria finds itself (in). The destruction of infrastructure especially in the northeast, the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the over 1.5 million internally displaced persons that have to be morally, physical and materially and the efforts we think that the United Nations secretary general can convey to the United Nations so that Nigeria can be helped in the identified programs,”

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