Veteran Nollywood Actress Speaks on Need to Help Finance the Girl-Child Education.

18th Nov 2014 I’m sure you guys remember the earlier days of Nollywood in Nigeria with those movies we loved to watch by veteran Nollywood actor and director, Zack Amata. He is in the news again but this time not related to his movies but advocating the need for girl-child education, especially in northern Nigeria.

The veteran who was giving an account of his visit with a United Nation’s agency to Sokoto State to support girl-child education, said in his report that many of the girls had never been to school because their families could not afford the cost. To that effect, he said that their special project will assist some people with an annual sum expected to cover the costs of being sent to school.

Amata, a United Nations ambassador is quoted as saying, “I watched women gratefully receive money to help them send their daughters to school. It was the launch of a cash transfer initiative. There were, of course, official speeches and the usual formalities. But what really grabbed my attention and moved me was the eagerness I saw in the eyes of the young girls and their mothers.

Way to go Mister Amata, as they say, whoever educates women, educates a society.

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