Which New Year foods bring bad luck?

Dec 31, 2015 Whilst searching for refreshing content and information to pass on to readers, I came across some very interesting facts surrounding “New Year Traditions”. Whilst some are a bit extreme, (depending on how superstitious you are) I do find a lot of these facts stimulating and thought-provoking and hey, no knowledge is wasted so here goes…

It is tradition to ring in the New Year with friends, family and loved ones in general. Whilst it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to ring in the New Year with your enemies, the argument goes much deeper than that…it is said that the first people you see in the New Year will either bring you good or bad luck, so hang around your friends and family at the turn of the year for a year of good luck and good vibes.

The first New Year was celebrated 4,000 years ago by the Babylonians (that’s just a nice fact for you).

Statistics show that more cars are stolen on New Year’s Day than any other holiday.

In Italy, people wear red underwear on New Year’s Day to bring good luck all year round (you’d think it’d be green as green is usually the colour that symbolises luck, right?)

In some places, it is believed to be good luck to eat foods like black eyed peas, ham and cabbage as they supposedly bring prosperity (so if you’re superstitious, get munching!) But on the other side of things, if you want to have a happy new year, you shouldn’t eat lobster or chicken and here’s the reasoning behind it…lobsters can move backward and chickens can scratch in reverse, so it is believed that these foods can bring the reversal of fortune (take from it what you will…hehehe)

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