Wing-walking performances thrill 2015 Zhengzhou Air show

Sep 29, 2015 A wing-walking acrobatic team recently attracted great public attention at the 2015 Zhengzhou Air show. Air walking started after the First World War one and has a history of nearly 100 years.
Speaking at the show, Martyn Carrington, captain of the Breitling Wing walking Team said:
“They have a five point harness. They have a shoulder harness and they have a waist harness. Then they have a strap that comes right up through the middle. And all five go together with an extra safety lock, which is like a double safety security system, so you can’t accidentally unstrap yourself,”
Freya Paterson, one of the performers explained the difficulty of wing walking:
“Wing-walking in general is very difficult because we are fighting against the wind, so it’s, you know, all quite physical, and we get very strong, the more we do it,”
Commenting on the most daring part of their performance, another performer Emily said:
“At the end of the display where we unstrap from our harness, and we sit on the front of the wing, so we are free, and that is the most exciting part of the display,”

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