Winners of Japan's new Olympic stadium discuss expectations

Japan recently unveiled the new design for its 2020 Summer Olympics venue. The stadium was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma after the first design was scrapped due to ballooning costs.

The winning design, which was submitted by a consortium led by Taisei Corp, has an implementation price tag of $1.23 billion USD, against an estimated $2.1 billion for the controversial concept by Zaha Hadid, which was abandoned in July.

Commenting on the criteria for choosing the design, Shuzo Murakami, Japan Sports Council Member said:

“Credibility is also a factor we took into consideration. In order to undertake such a big construction project, there are many things, many proposals that are related to it. So I think the decision was made based on if all these elements would be viable or not,”

Commenting on his design, Kuma said:

“I think this time, the special point was that the surrounding is covered by a green forest. This time, it’s not just about the shape of the building and how unique it is but how the structure melds together with the forest. I think that that will be the legacy and I think this signifies Japanese style,”

Construction for the 68,000 capacity stadium is scheduled for completion in November 2019, two months ahead of an International Olympic Committee deadline of January 2020.

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