World design takes over London's V&A Museum

Sep 24, 2015 The London Design Festival recently opened at London’s Victoria & Albert museum, showcasing the most innovative and ambitious design projects from around the world.

The festival, which was first introduced in 2007, will feature over 400 events and exhibitions staged across the UK capital, with the major exhibition housed by the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Speaking at the event, Artist Barnaby Barford said:

“We’ve become a nation of shoppers. We just shop. It’s become the great British pastime of choice, isn’t it, overriding every other activity. So I wanted to explore that and look at this hierarchy of consumption, ideas of aspiration. I think maybe the traditional class system is broken down and it’s now about material wealth, about what you can afford to buy,”

He went on to comment on the central part of the exhibition at V&A called “The Tower of Babel”.

“It’s a six and a half meter tower made from 3000 bone china London shops. Each shop is unique, hand-made, beautifully made object made in Stoke-on-Trent in Midlands, each one is signed and each one is for sale during the exhibition,”

The festival will runs till the end of September with various installations popping up in different spaces across London, including Somerset House.

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