Zambian Government Launches the single dosage Antiretroviral Treatment.

30 Apr 2014 The Zambian Government has launched the single dosage Antiretroviral Treatment, which will help to increase the eligibility of children and adults to receive treatment.
This decision is part of the new guidelines designed to create increased coverage for people living with HIV and AIDS. The guidelines have also set standards of care such as integrating HIV testing, counselling and care services and providing CD4 testing with a rapid turnaround of results.

Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya is quoted as saying “With the guidelines launched today, we anticipate a surge in eligible patients. To this effect Government has made a provision of US$ 45 million for procurement of ART this year with supplementary funding from supporting partners,”
Zambia is currently the only country in the sub-Saharan region to provide universal access to Antiretroviral treatment for children of 15 years and below as part of the National ART policy.

The Health Deputy Minister added that the guidelines underscored the long-term health of pregnant women and mothers living with HIV as well as those of their children. He is quoted as saying “”The guidelines also recommend that pregnant women and children under the age of 15 years start treatment immediately after diagnosis,”
He said with the new guidelines in place, Government’s plan to attain 80 percent coverage by 2015 remained in sight.

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