Zero Ebola cases possible before end of 2015 – WHO

Sep 22, 2015 The World Health Organization recently hinted at a possibility of zero cases of Ebola by the end of 2015. This was made know by the organization’s Assistant Director General, Bruce Aylward.

However, the body still acknowledges the risk of reappearances in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, especially during the rainy season.

“Our goal is zero transmission in the human population and I think that remains very possible within 2015… Remember for many countries, they are thinking, or ministries or health facilities, it is like ‘Oh, we hit zero, let’s go do all the other things that we haven’t been doing’. So phase three is really about how to prioritize those things and make sure they don’t get dropped and that any residual risk is managed,” Aylward said

During the course of the epidemic, some countries experience resurgence after it had attained the “Ebola Free” status. Liberia, which was initially declared Ebola-free in May, registered a fresh cluster of cases two months later.

Aylward then urged on Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone that vigilance was needed to forestall any possibility of resurgence.

“I think it is a real threat or I think it is a real risk, but, and it is a risk that has got to be managed. I think it is fully manageable. If you have got your survivors registries, if you are screening your survivors, you know it is all about helping make sure people know their status,”

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