20th August Public Holiday: Osun State’s Isese Day

21st Aug 2014 So how many of you out observed the 20th of August public Holiday? You didn’t know there was one? That’s probably because you don’t live in Osun State. For starters; this day was set aside by the United Nations as a day for indigenous religions all over the world. Osun state in Nigeria, in a big nod to religious inclusiveness, made this day, called Isese day, a public holiday.

Now, Isese day was first observed as a public holiday in the state last year as part of the governor’s effort to make sure that all religions in the state had an equal footing, as one more step towards promoting communal peace and progress. Traditional worshippers usually set aside the week up to that day for celebrating in whatever way they might deem fit. Congratulations to Osun State for a big step in the right direction.

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