13 Feb 2014 – Schneider Electric , the global specialist in energy management, is inviting African students to take part in the 2014 edition of the Go Green in the City global business case challenge, focusing on innovative energy solutions for the city and open to students from across the globe.

This report from Business Day shows us that youths in Africa are determined to rise up to the challenge with an impressive number of applications – 725 to be exact.

The 725 applications received from the continent so far were initiated from 24 countries with Nigeria leading the slots with 149 applications.

The challenge is open to students from Engineering and Business Schools, Master’s and MBA Programmes in Africa and from across the globe and they are expected to sign up for the challenge in teams of two, with at least one female member.

We’re told that each team is expected to submit a business case illustrating their idea as a viable energy management solution for one of the five main urban sectors (residential, university, commercial, water and hospital). The 100 best teams will have one month to work with a mentor from Schneider Electric to present a synopsis and video outlining their business case.

The top 12 teams will take part in the finals in Paris in June 2014  and the winning team will travel to various Schneider Electric sites across the world and meet with staff and management from the Group. They will also be offered a permanent position within the Group.

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