African and Asian leaders take a historic walk to observe the 60th anniversary of the Asian-African Conference

May 7 , 2015 Indonesia played host recently to leaders from Africa and Asia who were in town to mark 60 years since the first the Asian-African Conference.
The talk saw several leaders call for a new global order open to new economic powers
President Joko Widodo of Indonesia who received the other heads said those who still insisted that global economic problems could only be solved by the involvement of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or Asian Development Bank were still stuck with “obsolete ideas”.
Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe also urged all members to take action, saying
“Without concrete actions the Bandung flame will extinguish. We have on this occasion agreed to strengthen our mechanisms for interaction and cooperation. Let us faithfully implement those decisions for the benefit of our people, benefit of our countries and benefit of our two regions,”
The leaders discussed militancy, with Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab calling for the continued fight against it.
He said
“We are responsible for all the nations in Asia and Africa to gain a better life. We are able to fight against colonialism and terrorism that threatens the lives of our children. Terrorism has no boundary or citizenship,”

Also in attendance was the President of China, President Xi Jinping who said “a new type of international relations” was needed to encourage cooperation between Asian and African nations. President Jinpin added that the developed world had an obligation to support the rest with no political strings attached.
Over 109 heads of state and government were invited to the event but a conference official said twenty one leaders turned up.
As part of the Summit, the leaders took a historic walk, starting at the old hotel Savoy Homann and ending at Gedung Merdeka, the Independence Building, in Bandung.

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