Amazon launches two Alexa digital assistant-based gadgets

Mar 07, 2016 Amazon Inc recently launched two devices based on its voice-controlled Echo speaker, which allow users carry out a wide variety of activity using the voice prompt.

For now, the Amazon Tap and the Echo Dot will only be available to Amazon Prime members who already have the original Echo device and Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box.

While explaining the company’s decision to develop the devices, David Limp, senior vice president of devices at Amazon, said:

“Lots of customers that have ordered Echos and used Echos have told us that portability was a big use case, they want to take it on the go and so Amazon Tap allows customers to take an Alexa end point and use it, it’s completely battery powered, it gives you up to nine hours of battery life when playing music and you just tap it and then when you’re in a Wi-Fi environment you then have immediate access to Alexa. Dot was a little bit different.”

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