Ambitious wind power plan promises bright future for Morocco

Nov 27, 2015 Morocco recently took more strides in its campaign to development of renewable energy in the country. The program is aimed to producing about 50 percent of the country’s energy needs from wind turbines by 2020.

According to the latest report released by the Brussels-based Global Wind Energy Council, Morocco is becoming Africa’s top wind energy producer.

Commenting on the project, Abdelkarer Amara, Morrocco’s Minister for Energy, Mining, Water and Environment said:

“Today, renewable energies, mainly solar, wind and hydroelectric energies, are part of our energy portfolio because they allow to reduce the energy dependence of our country on the international level. When it comes to wind energy, our country is a leading one internationally because it has the best productivity. In some regions of Morocco, the cost could be lower than producing electricity from coal, which is unprecedented on the international level. We have a road map and by 2020, we will produce more than 200 GW from wind energy,”

After taking part in a meeting aimed at energy cooperation between Morocco and Russia, Ali Fassi Fihri, Chairman of ONEE, said he was excited about Morocco’s potential wind production.

“We have all the dynamic started by the 13/09 law (official statute) that allows investors to build their own wind farms and sell high voltage electricity to their clients. We are very proud of the results we obtained in the wind energy sector. It was announced in the past few days that Morocco is ahead of the game in the African region and our ambition is stronger because we are aiming to be among the biggest producers of wind energy in the world,”

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