An African City: A Life of Expectations

Showing March 14 | Episode 7 | A Life of Expectations

In this episode, the five ladies take stock of the expectation of men that they date. With Zainab, she dates a man who does not “come” in women, afraid of his dates getting pregnant. With Nana Yaa, concerning her household, she has certain expectations of her new love interest Edem. With Makena, rather, she is not meeting the expectations of her African- American boyfriend Stephan who expects her to be just as interested in historical slave monuments as he is. With Ngozi, she is done having expectations about dating and has now decided to pour her attention into volunteering throughout the city of Accra. Once she does that, she gets what she least expects. With Sade, she expects to have bigger breasts than her dates, an expectation that is not met when she starts dating a man with “man boobs.”

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