An African City: Got Goat Meat

Showing Feb 29 | Episode 5 | Got Goat Meat

Nana Yaa, Sade, Makena and Zainab teach anxious Ngozi how to cook a meal for her new love interest, an endeavor she hopes will secure her position as wife worthy. Things change, however, when religious, innocent Ngozi finds this same love interest in an interesting position in the bathroom. For Makena, she finds that she only “comes” in the missionary position and refuses any other sexual position, much to the dismay of her boyfriend Stephan. For Zainab, her fascination with the crime channel (especially, “Scorned: Women who Kill”) may be the reason she is scaring off some of her potential dates. For Sade, bumping into her married boyfriend’s wife does not rattle her, but something else about the encounter…does. For Nana Yaa, we begin to see life through her mother’s eyes.


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