An African City: Sweating the Small Stuff

Showing Feb 8 | Episode 2 | Sweating the Small Stuff

Returnees are often accused of “sweating the small stuff” when living in an emerging market such as Ghana. For Nana Yaa, she considers her continued jealousy over her ex Segun and his fiancé Kukua as small and petty, further compounded by her current boyfriend’s small penis (which prompts the girls to see a “sex doctor”). For Sade, its small stuff while dating: why does her date consider foreplay an act that solely involves the sucking of her left breast while her right breast goes completely ignored? For Zainab, it’s small stuff with her business: clients late on payments, bribes at the ministries, poor exchange rates etc. For Makena, its small stuff with her boyfriend: why does he always hide the caller ID on his cell phone? For Ngozi, it’s small stuff while driving: should she sit in the passenger seat or the back seat when escorted by her driver? Each woman must navigate her way through the small stuff while staying true to their needs, wants and values.

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