An African president wants to shorten his time in office

24th March 2015 And in a totally unusual move, especially in the context of African politics, President Macky Sall of Senegal, has confirmed his plan to shorten his seven year term by two years. This is one African leader who has no plans of manipulating his privileges to extend his office.

The President didn’t indicate whether he intended to run for a second term, and is quoted by the Guardian as saying “Have you ever seen presidents reduce their mandate? Well I’m going to do it. We have to understand, in Africa too, that we are able to offer an example, and that power is not an end in itself.”

The President’s move, according to him, will require “a revision of the constitution, first on the mandate and then on some other aspects to strengthen our democracy”, He also indicated that he would want the vote to take place in May next year.

Very interesting move we think

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