Anakle releases the Kenyan version of the brideprice app.

3 June 2014 The world may still be trying to decide whether Nigeria’s viral brideprice app is good fun or a poor sexist joke, but that has not stopped makers Anakle from heading to Kenya to create a localized version of the app.

The Kenyan version uses Kenyan currency and vernacular and seemingly values PhDs more than Nigerians. It also seems that where working in Oil and Gas is a top brideprice plus in Nigeria, being a CEO may make a woman a hotter ticket in Kenya. However, in other respects it is the same, curvy women are in and shade Lupita is still the highest valued colour.

Editi Effiòng, Anakle’s CEO has emphasized that the app is meant to be satirical and an “inside joke” for Nigerians. Stats so far tells us that around two million people have taken the quiz with around 6-million social conversations generated as a result.

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