Beer, dust and horses feature at outback race meeting

Sep 9, 2015 The sleepy town of Birdsville in Australia recently came alive to host its annual horse racing meeting. Located on the fringes of the fearsome Simpson Desert, thousands of visitors flew into the town to watch the iconic event which featured two of Australia’s great love affairs: beer and betting.

With a population of 115, Birdsville is a one-horse town for most of the year. However with a prize money of 210,000 Australian dollars, horse owners, trainers and jockeys all converge to compete on the town’s dusty track.

Daniel Moll, a participant at the event had this to say:

“It’s a 4000k trip and it is going to take us five or six days to get here and back, give or take a day… The atmosphere, the place where it is, nothing beats outback Southern Queensland mate, great spot to be.”


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