Big Cabal Media Launches an Informative and Educational Website Ebola Facts.

11th Aug 2014 With the increasing spread of the Ebola Virus Disease and increasing awareness comes a greater need for correct, practical and easy to understand information. A publishing house called Big Cabal Media has curated and launched an educational website called Ebola Facts (www.EbolaFacts.com) to do its own part in making sure that people are adequately informed.

The site warns about the various symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease, it also explains what the virus actually is, dispels myths and shares how the virus in transmitted, all this in a manner easy for a local audience to understand.

The site, is targeted specifically at the West African market, which is the hardest hit and of course the point where the most information is needed.

We’re very glad to note that since its launch, the site has received over 600,000 hits and has been seen on Facebook about 850,000 times.  There have also been requests for it to be printed for wider distribution to communities without the internet.  Content from the site has also been developed into a flyer, newspaper ads and digital billboards.  Work is now ongoing to translate the site to French, Swahili, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Pidgin to cater to a growing regional audience.

So guys, if you’re not sure what the virus is, or you’re not exactly sure how to share information, why don’t you check out www.ebolafacts.com.

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