Bolivia and Argentina sign energy agreements

Oct 26, 2015 Argentina and Bolivia recently signed three energy agreements which will allow Argentina to import electricity from Bolivia. The agreement will also pave way for Argentina’s YPF oil company to conduct hydrocarbon exploration in oil fields within Bolivia.

The deal, which was negotiated over a five-month period, will oversee the transfer of nuclear technology from Argentina to Bolivia for medical purposes.

Bolivian President Evo Morales, along with government officials from both countries signed the accords in the southern Bolivian city of Tarija.

Under the new agreement, Argentina’s state-run energy firm, YPF Argentina, will bel6 allowed to facilitate oil exploration in southern Bolivia.

Speaking during the signing, Bolivia’s Energy Minister Luis Alberto Sanchez said:

“And also the possibility to ease (oil) exploration in three areas in which YPF is interested which have already been negotiated and which are Abapo, Yuchani and Charagua. And they can immediately set up a YPF Argentina office in Bolivia,”

Commenting on Argentina’s importation of electricity from Bolivia, Argentine Planning Minister Julio de Vido said:

“We’re talking about 2020 because these electricity agreements, Mr. President, which we can… which we are signing today on energy cooperation between Argentina and Bolivia, give us Argentines the security and the guarantee that we will have the energy needed to continue moving forward with the process of industrial development,”

With Bolivia’s plan to open a Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy Centre, Minister Vido said Argentina was sharing its nuclear technology as a gesture of brotherhood.

“And as brothers (we) make an offer here, to the Bolivian people, under the nuclear technology transfer process, as partners, not as clients. We want to be partners and members of a society with equal rights and aspirations. We want Bolivia to join us in the process of developing nuclear technology in the southern part of the continent. And I think the best path has been chosen, which is that of nuclear medicine. The best use of nuclear technology for peaceful means is, without a doubt, nuclear medicine,”

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