Bolivian president Evo Morales rolls out five-year plan to resolve maritime dispute with Chile

Aug 3, 2015 Bolivian President Evo Morales has presented a proposed five-year plan to his Chilean counterpart that would put to bed a centuries-old territorial dispute between both countries and grant Bolivia more access to the Pacific Ocean.

President Morales during a press conference at the presidential palace in La Paz, directed the proposal to the Chilean government and suggested Pope Francis as a guarantor of the process.

I want to say to the Chilean government, we agree on re-establishing diplomatic relations so that in less than five years the issue of sovereign sea access to the Pacific Ocean for Bolivia is resolved” Morales said.

He also added:

And as a guarantee to our brother, Pope Francis, I am willing to make efforts to the Vatican so that brother Pope Francis can be the guarantor. I invite the Chilean president to travel there, with Pope Francis’ as guarantor for it (the territory dispute) to be resolved in less than five years,”

The Chilean government however maintained that the bilateral dispute is currently being handled by the International Court and dismissed the need for a third party.

President Morales refused to comment on the case filed against Bolivia at the war court in 2013, but went on to say:

We’re hoping for a positive response, looking at and getting past the problems of these two brother nations, neighbours. Chile (and) Bolivia working together, working together for our people,”

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