Bolivia's Evo Morales celebrates 10 years as president with indigenous ceremony

Jan 25, 2016 President Evo Morales was recently honored with an indigenous ceremony to mark his 10 years at the helm of the South American nation.

The ceremony was held at sunrise at the ancient site of Tiwanaku, complete with a table displaying offerings for ‘Pachamama’ or ‘Mother Earth’.

Morales, a former coca farmer, became the country’s first indigenous leader in 2006.

“With this ceremony, with this energy that gives us our sun. To continue working for our beloved Bolivia, furthermore, I want to say my dear brothers and sisters, I don’t know how 10 years have passed. There have already been 10 years with a revolutionary administration, 10 years of changes,”.

His folksy appeal and prudent spending of funds from a natural gas bonanza to finance welfare programs, roads and schools have earned the 56-year-old wide support in a country long dogged by political instability.

While addressing members from the various social movements, Morale went on to say:

“The social movements guarantee political stability, and that political stability allowed economic prosperity for Bolivia,”

Indigenous elder Lucas Choque Apaza, speaking at the venue, praised Morales’ management of the country over the past decade.

“A great table and offering has been prepared for the 10 years of our brother president Evo Morales, to raise our country up and manage Bolivia well. For that reason we have done this ceremony in the sacred place of Tiwanaku and the Temple of Kalasasaya so that things go well for him and that he always brings our country forward, and that the process of change continues,”

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