Boxer Roy Jones prepares for his first match as Russian citizen

Dec 14, 2015 Former heavyweight world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr. recently resumed training in preparation for his first fight since becoming a Russian citizen.

46-year-old Jones, one of the best fighters of his generation, had asked President Vladimir Putin for a Russian citizenship when they met in Crimea.

After being granted citizenship, Jones said:

“Well now I am a Russian citizen, so there is all the difference in the world, now I am fighting for my countrymen, now I am Russian the whole public is rooting for me,”

Jones will be fighting 35-year Enzo Maccareinelli, a former Commonwealth light heavyweight champion, who said he came on the invitation of President Putin.

“To be honest I think it came out of the blue, I got a phone call a couple of days before I came to Russia, Vlad (Putin) offered me the chance to fight Roy Jones in this beautiful country, how could I say no?”

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