Burundi’s President heeds advice to postpone elections

June 4, 2015 The crisis rocking Burundi has prompted calls from various corners, for elections in the country to be postponed. Recents events have also seen East African countries get involved, with their heads also calling for postponement.

It seems that the Burundian government will finally bow to this extra bit of pressure. President Nkurunziza will heed the advice of his eastern counterparts to move the dates, even though he turned a deaf ear to their other piece of advice for him to step down.  The upcoming parliamentary and presidential polls will be delayed by a month and a half at least.

Parliamentary elections were earlier planned for June 5th, while the presidential election was scheduled for June 26.

Government spokesperson Philippe Nzobonariba spoke to the press saying, “The Burundian government welcomes the proposal of the heads of state to delay the elections”

Violent protests were sparked across the country when Nkurunziza began moves to be reelected for a third term. The opposition and rights groups say this is against the constitution and the 2006 peace deal that ended the civil war in Burundi.

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