Cameroon to Produce an Additional 20,000 Tonnes of Palm Oil by Year End.

22nd Oct 2014 By the end of this year in Cameroon, an additional twenty thousand tonnes of palm oil will be produced in two areas of the country. This was revealed during a recent visit to the fifty thousand tonne capacity per unit industrial oil factories built in the production zone. The industrial plants put in place within the framework of the Palm Oil Competitiveness and Productivity Improvement Plan is implemented by the government of Cameroon with technical support from two key oil production agencies. National production of palm oil in Cameroun has officially been estimated at two hundred and seventy thousand tonnes, not nearly enough for demand that generally reaches three hundred and eighty five thousand tonnes. The twenty thousand tonnes which will come from the four new factories will gradually help to reduce the deficit which major local producers such as Socapalm have been addressing by way of imports.

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