Castle & Castle: A procedural drama set in a successful Lagos law firm. Castle and Castle is one of the most prestigious law firms in Lagos, run by husband and wife team, Tega and Remi Castle, who met when she was a student and he was a professor, 20 years her senior. They fell in love and Remi got pregnant, creating a huge scandal that ended Tega’s academic career. Later, the couple took over the family law firm founded by Remi’s father, Duke, who is always in conflict Tega. When their star lawyer, Mike Amenechi, leaves the firm, taking their biggest client with him, the business is thrown into crisis. With Remi and Tega involved in conflicting cases, it becomes difficult to predict whether they can save their marriage or sacrifice all in the name of business survival?

Fifty (The Series): Serial spin-off of the hit film, with the original cast, follows the lives of these four women as ambition and betrayal threaten their relationships

MMM: Five young women, Lola, Esther, Kimi, Suzi and Marion, are thrown together through a flat-share and become close friends, united by their common pursuit of the Lagos Girl’s holy grail of the ideal man, lots of money and a happy marriage. Behind the polite smiles, exchanges of compliments and Instagram likes, competition is fierce between thousands of others, hustling for the same goals.

Powder Dry: Matilda Ebunike and her husband Collins run a success business together. The happy power couple is also expecting their first baby. After a visit from Matlida personal physician, Dr Kofo, things take a turn for the worse. Collins becomes suspicious of his wife’s relationship with Arthur, the company lawyer. A love affair is soon exposed; a perfect murder plot devised, and by the end of this dark and humorous crime mystery thriller, one of them will end up in a shallow grave.

Encounters: Encounters chronicles how the character Eve (whose name signifies that she represents every woman) launches a search for a man to marry her within a year in order to please her mother.

Tiannah’s Empire: A reality show that follows celebrity stylist and self-made serial Entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani as she juggles the many roles she plays; from mother, to stylist, to designer, to friend and many more.  We watch her drama filled life unfold and get a behind the scenes look at the daily workings of this empire and how Toyin tries to hold it all together against all odds.

The Governor: When Governor Peter Akala dies from an automobile accident, not only is the state thrown into mourning, but the party hierarchy is also thrown into disarray as well, as there is an informal succession plan that was pre-arranged, but is now threatened by the constitution, which is set to produce a new governor who is not only a political ‘outsider’, but a woman as well!

Sons of the Caliphate: A drama about the lives of three rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men, Kalifah, Nuhu and Diko, all caught up in the hidden corners of power, the darkness of addiction, the heat of love and desire, the obligations of family loyalty, and the craving for revenge.

Dere: We give Cinderella, a traditional fairytale, a modern day African twist. The life of a young Nigerian woman is thrown into unpredictable turmoil when she is over-shadowed by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Will love conquer all in this heart-warming adaptation?

Dowry: Two feuding families are being forced to an uneasy truce by the impeding marriage of their children. Till five hours to the wedding, when the groom disappears. Cold feet – or is this something more sinister? The explosive answer highlights questions no one even thought to ask, and reveals secrets buried so long that they have begun to bear fruit

Married To The Game: In love and giddy with excitement, newlyweds, Vincent and Gloria Coker are headed toward a blissful future together, but a dark cloud hovers over their honeymoon dreams when they run over a mysterious stranger as they return from their wedding reception.

Ojo’s in D’ House: A hilarious sitcom set around the Shenanigans of a middle class Lagos family and all Mrs. Ojo seems concerned with is keeping up appearances.

On The Real: A unique format combining pseudo reality-come-drama that incorporates running commentary by all cast members. This edgy series follows the lives of 5 young Nigerian reality TV stars, brought together by an obnoxious TV executive! They now have to balance their newly acclaimed fame with their regular lives as well as doing whatever it takes to keep their star status. On the Real highlights issues relating to the youth including relationships, self esteem, sex, drug abuse and much more…!

Best Friends: A drama series which revolves around the salacious lives of four best friends who regularly meet at ‘Maxine’s’, an upscale restaurant, to gossip and catch up on developments in one another’s lives.

HM Travel & Tours: Set in the heart of Lagos, HM Travel & Tours depicts the everyday lives and office politics of the Managing Director and the employees of this close-knit travel agency. Watch these colourful, outlandish characters and their eyebrow raising antics!

Madam Sarah’s House: Watch the hilarious exploits of the domestic staff of a Nigerian household and their never ending inter-play and antics. Welcome to the house of commotion!

Chefrican: Feel your taste buds tingle in delight… with refined urban African delicacies. & introducing a fresh twist of making a western dish totally African!

Destinations Africa: A glossy, upmarket travel show designed for the African traveller, highlighting Africa’s top tourist destinations.

The Fattening Room: An age-old Efik rite of passage where young ladies are transformed into elegant, graceful women. Our ladies have come to a modern version of the Fattening Room and under the guidance of our wise Matriarch; our ladies will be fed, pampered, and taught the necessary skills for maintaining a happy relationship.

Six beautiful young women from different parts of Africa embark on the journey of self-discovery in the picturesque city of Calabar. An age-old Efik tradition is given a modern twist. These feisty, modern, single women from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya are molded into ideal partners and they learn the secret to finding and keeping love.

With Mikel: Get up close and personal with John Obi Mikel, the golden boy of Nigerian football in the sizzling and enthralling reality series and discover there is much more to him than just his extravagant football talent.

Men’s Corner: A talk show with an all male ensemble, and a female clapback. 3 young, good looking and articulate young men air their opinion strongly on various topics ranging from Sports, to Women, to cars, flirting, Politics, Alcohol ,Sex etc. It is a relaxed atmosphere with male banter all around and easy conversation to lure the audience in and make them feel like a part of a gossip team.

The Boot: Meet the one and only man in Nigeria, Denrele Edun, who can rock a boot like no man or woman can… stomping around Lagos in style as he hijacks celebrities and A-Listers to an unadulterated and uncensored conversation when they are coaxed and jacked into his personalized super pimped KEKE driven by none other than comedian FRANK DONGO.