Central African Republic vote count starts after peaceful election

Jan 04, 2016 Voters in the Central African Republic recently headed to the pols to choose their new leaders.

With thirty candidates competing in the presidential election, authorities had repeatedly postponed the polls due to violence and irregularities.

After the polls closed, election observers reported a smooth outing with just a few irregularities.

Commenting on the general state of the exercise, Bienvenu Donatien, head of a Bangui polling station said:

“Voting went well since this morning, apart from a fraud attempt which happened at around 1445 (1345 GMT) when a voter tried to cast his ballot using a voter card meant for a woman which did not belong to him. When we stopped him, we asked the name of his father, he couldn’t tell us, the name of his mother, he couldn’t tell us either. He started to not make any sense when he was talking. After a while he confessed and told us one of his big brothers sent him,”

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