Cheating allegations trails ice prince’s girlfriend

Jan 21, 2016 And unconfirmed allegations that Chocolate City rapper Ice Prince’s French-Ghanaian girlfriend Maima Nkewa has been cheating on him with an Abuja-based married man called Akin has gone viral, with various sides of the story popping up.

Maima is rumoured to have been a mistress to the Abuja-based Akin, who sponsors her holiday trips overseas, even before she started to date Ice Prince.

There were speculations that Ice Price broke up with Maima after Akin posted pictures of him and Maima on his social media.

However, in a series of tweets, Ice Prince goes ahead to defend Maima, saying “Maima is not guilty in all this! I promise… I just feel bad she’s been made to look this way… Wish you knew the half of it“.

And Ice Prince’s right hand man, Chocolate City boss M.I took to Twitter to say he understands why Ice Prince is defending his girlfriend Maima, but even M.I is not giving us details.

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