Chilly mass wedding at China's annual Ice festival

Jan 08, 2016 Several couples recently tied the knot in a mass wedding in Harbin, one China coldest cities.

The 15 couples, including one from Ukraine, made their vows and exchanged wedding rings under temperatures of as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Speaking after the ceremony, one of the brides Sun Liyun said:

“First of all, both of us grew up in Harbin. Harbin is an ice city, so we have an affinity with ice and snow. So we want to hold our wedding ceremony under the witness of ice and snow. It is very meaningful to us”

Another bride, Cui Hongmei, said:

“It is very fancy and meaningful, and it will be a beautiful memory when (we are) looking back after years,”

The mass wedding was part of the 2016 Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, one of the world’s most renowned winter events.

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