China makes active contribution for breakthrough at Paris climate talk: Chinese envoy

Dec 18, 2015 Speaking during an interview, China’s special envoy on climate change, Xie Zhenhua asserted that the Asian giant made active contribution during the recently concluded climate talks.

He also added that the Paris Climate Deal was reached through painstaking efforts by all delegations.

Speaking to this effect, Xie said:

“The Chinese delegation has made a constructive effort throughout the meeting because we have very clear communication channels with all the nations and groups. During today’s meeting, there were some problems. To negotiate among different groups, the president of the meeting and U.S. Secretary of State eventually asked China to step in and make the connection among the various sides and, therefore, help solve the problems. We can say that the Chinese government, our president, premier, and the Chinese delegation have made considerable contributions to the conference’s success,”

While congratulating the conference on the signing of the deal, Xie also acknowledged that there are still aspects within the deal that require continued work in the future.

“This agreement is not perfect, because during the conference some delegates brought up dissatisfaction that we consider to be reasonable. Even if everybody passes the deal, it is still imperfect. For those imperfect parts, we have to work to improve them in the days to come,” 

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