China says committed to countering internet hacking

Sep 21, 2015 Cyber security has recently become an issue of global concern and will be one of the talking points when president Obama hosts his Chinese counterpart in Washington later in the week.

President Obama recently told executives that the United States has made it abundantly clear to China that industrial espionage in cyber space would be considered an act of aggression. He went on to call for an international framework to prevent the Internet from being converted into a weapon.

Responding to this, the Chinese assistant foreign minister Zheng Zeguang said:

“The Chinese government resolutely opposes and cracks down on any kind of internet hacking activities. Whoever is carrying out hacking attacks or business espionage in China is violating the country’s law and will be punished by law.”

According to sources, law enforcement cooperation will be on the agenda during Xi’s visit. As part of its crackdown of corruption, the Chinese government will be seeking cooperation with the US to track down and repatriate dozens of Chinese fugitives currently living in the United States.

“Both China and U.S. recognize that they need to strengthen international cooperation to fight trans-national crimes, and this is in the interests of both sides, and is needed by two sides. We will continue to strengthen cracking down on trans-national crimes on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit, including cooperation on fighting corruption and hunting for those who have fled abroad and are recovering ill-gotten gains,” Zheng said.

At a news conference, Shu Guozeng director of Leading Group for Financial and Economic Affairs introduced several U.S.-China business deals. He went on to say that the two world powers will sign several agreements during Xi’s upcoming visit to the U.S.

“Other than these three main projects, we will reach important consensus in the fields of trade, energy, culture, climate change, environmental protection, finance, science and technology, agriculture, law enforcement, military airspace defense, and infrastructure. We will sign on a series of influential co-operative agreements,” Shu said.

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