China's national defense ministry explains military structural reform

Dec 01, 2015 The Chinese Ministry of National Defense recently held a press conference to explain its newly-unveiled military structural reform.

Speaking at the press conference, Yang Yujun, Spokesperson for the National Defense Ministry said:

“The new round of defense and military reform mainly aims to restructure the military administration system, optimize the structure and function allocation of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and update the administration of different branches of armed forces. We will improve the command system for joint operations in both the CMC and the military area commands, optimize the structure and scale of the armed forces and implement the decision to cut 300,000 troops. We will reform the force composition to enrich the troops and make them more composite, versatile and flexible.”

Commenting on the new recruitment policies and human resource structuring, Yang went on to say:

“We will establish a new-type of military talent cultivation system that integrates the education in military schools, the exercise in troops and military professional education. We will reform the military policy system to improve the policies on military related human resource and military logistics. We will optimize certain mechanisms to deepen the civil-military integration, reorganize the structure and administration of the armed police forces. We will, at the same time, improve the military law with Chinese characteristics.”

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