Chude Jideonwo 's new book: Are we the turning point generation?

16th June 2014 Media executive Chude Jideonwo has added another feather to his cap of abilities with the publication of a collection of short essays thought provokingly asking – Are we the turning point generation?

The book addresses some of the questions that Nigeria and Africa’s youth need to ask and get answers to. Some of these very important questions are Why do many Nigerian leaders ‘change’ once in office? Will the present generation of Nigerians do any better than its predecessors? Was Occupy Nigeria indeed a failure? Do we need a ‘Nigerian Dream’? Is ‘One Nigeria’ really worth it?

Following the launch, Chude Jiedonwo had a brief stopover in Abuja where he read at the Abuja writers forum with journalists and writers in attendance. He also attended the pre-festival edition of Taruwa held in Lagos on the 27th of May where he read from the chapter “We must kill god”.

Leaving the shores of Nigeria, Chude Jideonwo headed to Johannesburg, South Africa and from there to London where he spoke at the Genvoices event.

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